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By F. Berek. Oberlin College.

Do you think this represents a causal relationship or a spurious relationship order malegra dxt 130mg without prescription erectile dysfunction blood pressure medication, and why? Think of two variables (other than those mentioned in this book) that are likely to be correlated discount malegra dxt 130 mg with visa erectile dysfunction herbal medications, but in which the correlation is probably spurious. Imagine a researcher wants to test the hypothesis that participating in psychotherapy will cause a decrease in reported anxiety. Describe the type of research design the investigator might use to draw this conclusion. The return of Phineas Gage: Clues about the brain from the skull of a famous patient. Video games and aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior in the laboratory and in life. Outline the four potential threats to the validity of research and discuss how they may make it difficult to accurately interpret research findings. Explain how generalization, replication, and meta-analyses are used to assess the external validity of research findings. For instance, if a researcher concludes that participating in psychotherapy reduces Attributed to Charles Stangor Saylor. Unfortunately, there are many threats to the validity of research, and these threats may sometimes lead to unwarranted conclusions. Often, and despite researchers’ best intentions, some of the research reported on websites as well as in newspapers, magazines, and even scientific journals is invalid. Validity is not an all-or- nothing proposition, which means that some research is more valid than other research. Only by understanding the potential threats to validity will you be able to make knowledgeable decisions about the conclusions that can or cannot be drawn from a research project. There are four major types of threats to the validity of research, and informed consumers of research are aware of each type. Although it is claimed that the measured variables measure the conceptual variables of interest, they actually may not. Conclusions regarding the research may be incorrect because no statistical tests were made or because the statistical tests were incorrectly interpreted. Although it is claimed that the independent variable caused the dependent variable, the dependent variable actually may have been caused by a confounding variable. Although it is claimed that the results are more general, the observed effects may [1] actually only be found under limited conditions or for specific groups of people. Construct validity refers to the extent to which the variables used in the research adequately assess the conceptual variables they were designed to measure. One requirement for construct validity is that the measure be reliable, where reliability refers to the consistency of a measured variable. A bathroom scale is usually reliable, because if we step on and off it a couple of times the scale will consistently measure the same weight every time. Other measures, including some psychological tests, may be less reliable, and thus less useful. It is always important to remember that the ability to learn about the relationship between the conceptual variables in a research hypothesis is dependent on the operational definitions of the measured variables. If the measures do not really measure the conceptual variables that they are designed to assess (e. The statistical methods that scientists use to test their research hypotheses are based on probability estimates. You will see statements in research reports indicating that the results were “statistically significant‖ or “not statistically significant. These statements describe the statistical significance of the data that have been collected. Statistical significance refers to the confidence with which a scientist can conclude that data are not due to chance or random error.

Uric acid solubility is poor in acid urine and urate crystals may form buy malegra dxt 130 mg with amex erectile dysfunction medication causes, causing urate calculi (stones) malegra dxt 130 mg low price erectile dysfunction what to do. Gout may appear as bumps or “tophi” in the subcutaneous tissue of earlobes, elbows, hands, and the base of the large toe. The complications of untreated or prolonged periods of gout include tophi, gouty arthritis, urinary calculi, and gouty nephropathy. Fluid intake should be increased while taking antigout drugs and the urine should be alkaline. Foods rich in purine, including wine, alcohol, organ meats, sardines, salmon, and gravy should be avoided. The body releases hista- mines, kinins, and prostaglandins that force fluid and white blood cells to the site of the injury to stimulate nerve endings and clean the area so it can heal. The site of the injury becomes red, swollen, and warm and loses its normal function. The vascular phase is where blood vessels dilate and become permeable so fluid and white blood cells can leave the vessel. Anti-inflammatory medication reduces the inflammatory process which may allow the patient to go about normal daily activities while the tissue heals. There are three categories of anti-inflammatory medications: analgesic, to relieve pain; antipyretic, to reduce fever; and anticoagulants, to inhibit blood clotting. You learned in this chapter that inflammation is not an infection although inflammation frequently occurs when a patient becomes infected with a micro- organism. Inflammation occurs in response to tissue injury whether it is from an injury or an acute or chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout. You’ll learn about infection and fever and antimicrobial medication in the next chapter. Anti-inflammatory medication stops the production of prostaglandins resulting in a decrease in the inflammatory process. The choice of medications for relieving headaches are aspirin, acetamin- ophen, and ibuprofen. Other times, symptoms are caused by malfunc- tioning parts of your body such as the pancreas in the case of diabetes. You’ll remember from your courses on anatomy and physiology and microbiology that a micro- bial is a tiny organism—such as bacteria and viruses—that can enter the body and make you sick. The immune system produces antibodies that seek out, attack, and kill micro- bials. However, this natural defense isn’t sufficient for some patients who need to call in the cavalry. Pathogens enter our body in a variety of ways such as a cut or in food that we ingest. Our body reacts with an inflammatory response that dilates blood ves- sels so they become permeable. Nerve endings are stimulated and send a message to your brain that there is something wrong. You know when this happens because the infected area turns red, swollen, and it hurts. Other infections affect an organ or entire system of your body, which is referred to as a systemic infection or septecemia. Medication—A Formidable Defender Your natural defense against bacteria is a phagocytic response. Cells in your body engulf a pathogen, basically eat it and remove the injured tissue. For example, an antibiotic used to kill bacteria that causes a urinary tract infection will also kill the flora in your intestine that are used to help digest food. Patients are also treated with medication that eases the symptoms of inflam- mation but doesn’t kill microbials. Prostaglandins are chemical mediators that bring about the inflammatory response by vasodilatation, relaxing smooth muscle, making capillaries perme- able, and sensitizing nerve cells within the affected area to pain.

Many conjugative plasmids carry several genes determining the phenotype of the carrier cell generic 130mg malegra dxt amex erectile dysfunction test. The evolution of a hypothetical conjugative plasmid carrying several resistance determinants is shown sche- matically in Fig discount 130mg malegra dxt mastercard erectile dysfunction 32. They occur mainly in Gram-posi- tive cocci, but have also been found in Gram-negative bacteria (Bacteroides). Conjugative transposons maycarry determinants for antibiotic resistance and thus contribute to horizontal resistance transfer. In the transfer process, the transposon is first excised from the chromosome and circularized. Then a sin- gle strand of the double helix is cut and the linearized single strand—analo- gous to the F factor—is transferred into the receptor cell. Restriction, Modification, and Gene Cloning The above descriptions of the mechanisms of genetic variability might make the impression that genes pass freely back and forth among the different bacterial species, rendering the species definitions irrelevant. Bacterial restriction endonucleases are invaluable tools in modern gene cloning techniques. On the other hand, the bacteria can also be used to synthesize gene products of the foreign genes. Bacterial plasmids often function in the role of vectors into which the sequences to be cloned are inserted. A bacteriophage attaches to specific receptors on its host bacteria and injects its genome through the cell wall. So-called temperate bacteriophages lysogenize the host cells, whereby their genomes are integrated into the host cell chro- mosomes as the so-called prophage. The phage genes are inactive in this stage, although the prophage is duplicated synchronously with host cell pro- liferation. The transition from prophage status to the lytic cycle is termed spontaneous or artificial induction. Some genomes of temperate phages may carry genes which have the capacity to change the phenotype of the host cell. Integration of such a prophage into the chromosome is known as lysogenic conversion. Morphology Similarly to the viruses that infect animals, bacteriophages vary widely in ap- pearance. Right: phage shell Tail (contractile) after injection of the 3 Tail fibers genome with phage head empty and tail sheath con- a Base plate with tail pins tracted. The proteins form the head, tail, and other morphological elements, the function of which is to protect the phage genome. This element bears the genetic information, the structural genes for the structural proteins as well as for other proteins (enzymes) re- quired to produce new phage particles. Attachment to cell surface involving specific interactions be- tween a phage protein at the end of the tail and a bacterial receptor. Lysis occurs by a phage-encoded murein hydrolase, which gains access to the murein through membrane channels 3 formed by the phage-en- coded protein holin. Enzymatic penetration of the wall by the tail tube tip and injection of the nucleic acid through the tail tube. Beginning with synthesis of early proteins (zero to two minutes after injection), e. Then follows transcription of the late genes that code for the structural proteins of the head and tail. The new phage particles are assembled in a maturation process toward the end of the reproduction cycle. This step usually follows the lysis of the host cell with the help of murein hydrolase coded bya phage gene that destroys the cell wall (Fig. Depending on the phage species and milieu conditions, a phage reproduction cycle takes from 20 to 60 minutes.

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